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Young Marsilius Fellows 2021/22

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The Young Marsilius Fellow Program for Interdisciplinarity and Science Communication (YMFP) offers excellent postdoctoral researchers at Heidelberg University and the surrounding non-university research institutions the opportunity to actively participate in the Marsilius Kolleg. The YM Fellowships are awarded to selected young researchers and promote their interdisciplinary connectivity and their commitment to science communication. The YMFP takes its starting point in the specifics of the postdoctoral phase and develops a program tailored to this career stage in line with the basic ideas of the Marsilius Kolleg.


Podcast Young Marsilius Fellows 2022


Giving, helping and behaving charitably plays an important role for individual as well as for social spaces and relationships. How can the central concept of "altruism" be defined and can one learn to behave accordingly? Conversely, can one be a good person without being altruistic? These and other questions will be discussed by four Young Marsilius Fellows from the perspective of law (Torben Ellerbrok), psychology (Stefanie Peykarjou), theology (Alida C. Euler), and American studies (Natalie Rauscher).








Symposium Young Marsilius Fellows 2022


For one year, the first generation of Young Marsilius Fellows changed perspectives: As an interdisciplinary group of 13 Heidelberg postdocs from a broad range of disciplines, we opened up new insights to each other. And we thought about how to communicate the findings of our research to a broad audience in an exciting and generally understandable way.

We will present the results in the frame of a final symposium "WissenSchafFt PERSPEKTIVEN" on Thursday, July 14, from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. at the Marsilius Kolleg. Registration is open to all students, researchers and the interested public.

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Young Marsilius Fellows 2021/22

Annual motto: „Friend & Foe“


Dr. Swetha Ananth (Virology)

Dr. Katharina Anders (Geoinformatics)

Dr. Maria Becker (German Studies)

Dr. Torben Ellerbrok (Administrative law)

Annika Elstermann (English Studies)

Dr. Alida Carolin Euler (Theology)

Dr. Maja Funk (Molecular Biology)

Dr. Marlene Krauch (Psychology)

Dr. Stefanie Peykarjou (Psychology)

Dr. Natalie Rauscher (American Studies)

Dr. Simon Schaub (Political Science)

Dr. Laura Schmidt (Psychology)

Dr. Tim Wolf (Physics)

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