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Fellowclass 2018/19

Here are the new fellows and their topics.

On Monday, July 15, Jürgen Bauer will discuss the following topic: Partnerschaft und Gesundheit - von sozialen zu molekularen Mechanismen.





Marsilius Lectures

Marsilius kontrovers


Here, you can find video recordings of lectures, projects, symposia, and media coverage about the Marsilius Kolleg.


Laufende Projekte
Press Release:
Early Childhood in the 20th Century:
Participants for interviews wanted.

Researchers study interaction with infants from a historical perspective.

Room Rental

The Marsilius Kolleg stands for exchange within the scientific community and with external partners. Rooms in Building INF 130.1 (across from the DKFZ) may be rented for related events. Read More...

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