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Building Bridges between Academic Cultures

Many pressing problems of our time - climate change, aging societies, questions of modern medicine - cannot be solved by one discipline alone. It is becoming ever more urgent for scholars to collaborate across disciplines – natural sciences, life sciences, and social sciences, law, and humanities. The Marsilius Kolleg at Heidelberg University is an institutional solution to this situation, bringing together scholars from all disciplines of the university as well as from the surrounding non-university research institutions. In research-based dialogue, an ever-growing interdisciplinary research network is being created, which helps to develop the full potential of the research-oriented university surrounded by strong non-university institutions.


The following platforms are therefore available:

Fellowships: Each year a varying group of 10-12 Heidelberg scientists from all academic disciplines are appointed. Their weekly discussions are the heart of the Marsilius Kolleg.

Marsilius Projects: Long-term interdisciplinary projects that arise from the discussions of the Fellows.

Events: Through interdisciplinary workshops, symposia, summer schools, and public guest lectures, the broader academic exchange is promoted and made open to the general public.

Marsilius Study Program: Based on student interest, the Marsilius Kolleg offers a supplementary program for interdisciplinary studies.


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