Marsilius Certificate

We congratulate the following students for receiving the Marsilius Certificate:

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Jasmin Dehnen (not pictured)
"mRNA Modifications and their Contribution to heterogeneity of Cells"

Raphael Heinrich Holfeld
"The Benefits of Animals in Society"

Raphael Ruf
"Political Knowledge an the >Crisis of Democracy<"

Heather Smith
"Why you Hate the Bagpipes: A Study of Sound Perception in Bagpipe Players in Germany and Canada"

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Marsilius Study Program


Würtz/StudiesUniversity study necessarily requires concentration on a few very specific subjects. Still, many students feel the urge to look beyond their own fields to get an idea of the greater picture. Through considering the many connections between disciplines, they hope to gather new ideas and encouragement for their own studies. Especially interesting for many students is the dialogue between the natural sciences and the humanities.

The Marsilius Study Program not only allows insight into other academic fields, it also leads the way towards collaboration and interdisciplinary communication. Participants are able to benefit from the wide array of academic fields offered by Heidelberg University. They develop knowledge and skills that are increasingly important in the professional world.

Alvarado/StudiesThe ‘bridge’ seminars make up the heart of the Marsilius Study Program and are conducted by at least two lecturers of different academic backgrounds. Current research areas of the Marsilius Kolleg, such as ‘Human Dignity’, ‘Perspectives of Ageing’ and ‘Climate Engineering’ offer an academic foundation for these seminars. The program is rounded out by an interdisciplinary colloquium in which students present their final projects for discussion.

This new supplementary program of study was initiated by students and is organized in cooperation with the Marsilius Kolleg. Teaching began in the Winter Semester 2010/2011. All students interested in attending may do so, regardless of whether they want to earn a certificate or not.


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