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Young Marsilius Fellows

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The Young Marsilius Fellow Program for Interdisciplinarity and Science Communication (YMFP) offers excellent postdoctoral researchers at Heidelberg University and the surrounding non-university research institutions the opportunity to actively participate in the Marsilius Kolleg. The YM Fellowships are awarded to selected young researchers and promote their interdisciplinary connectivity and their commitment to science communication. The YMFP takes its starting point in the specifics of the postdoctoral phase and develops a program tailored to this career stage in line with the basic ideas of the Marsilius Kolleg.


Key points of the YMFP:

  •  8-12 one-year fellowships per year (starting in the winter semester).
  • Target group: Heidelberg postdoctoral researchers (up to 3 years after their doctorates) and advanced doctoral students with clear postdoc perspectives.
  •  Funding: € 5,000 per fellowship to be used freely for own research and academic further training
  • Public call for applications with an "annual motto": This year’s motto is the theme of the current issues of the research journal "Ruperto Carola”. The mottos are deliberately very open to be compatible with all disciplines.
  • Application: CV, publications, letter of motivation with reference to the annual motto.
  • Program: manageable commitments of the YM Fellows, training opportunities in the field of science communication (Nature Marsilius Visiting Professorship) and collaboration with focus on a common goal (final symposium).


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