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Winter Term 2021/22

I. Interdisciplinary Kolloquium

The interdisciplinary colloquium is designed as a block event. Students, who wish to give a lecture, can sign up via the online registration form. All mandatory credits necessary to obtain the Marsilius Certificate must have been gained beforehand (see Article 5 of the statute). The event dates are set in coordination with the participants.


II. Brückenveranstaltungen

From Models to Politics – The Role of Simulations in Climate Change Decision Making

The interdisciplinary seminar addresses the role of simulations in climate change decision making. Students will learn more about the physical science basis of climate models, as well as the structures and processes of international climate politics. In addition to deeper theoretical insights, students will step into the role of decision makers in an interactive C-ROADS simulation. They will represent different states, determine their climate targets, negotiate with others, and subsequently reflect on the simulation and key drivers and barriers of climate change mitigation on the global level.

Prof. Dr. André Butz, Umweltphysik

Dr. Maximilian Jungmann, Politikwissenschaft

Dr. Sanam Vardag, Physik


The tension between the body and its environment is historically and interculturally highly diverse. It can become especially intense in situations of exceptional catastrophism. accelerate the course of crisis and sometimes discharge at tipping points with a course difficult to predict. In an interdisciplinary dialogue, we want to analyze different concepts of the body, the interaction of body and environment, the vulnerability of the body, the field of biopolitics, and the idea of the body as a way of accessing the world. From the perspective of medical history, ethnology, and literary studies, among other topics we will examine the sometimes historically contingent manifestation and representation of crisis states, triggered, for example, by natural disasters, epidemics, or even psychological aberrations. The focus will not only be on the rationally measurable facts, but above all on the concealed realities percepted by mood or emotion and the representation ot these realities.

The seminar is going to be held in German.

Dr. Tanja Granzow, Ethnologie

Prof. Dr. Karen Nolte, Medizingeschichte

PD Dr. Friederike Reents, Germanistik


III. Discipline-specific courses for non-majors




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