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Im Neuenheimer Feld 130.1
69120 Heidelberg


By car from the Autobahn

At the Autobahnkreuz Heidelberg from the Autobahn A5, or at the Autobahnkreuz Mannheim from the A6, change onto the A656 towards Heidelberg. At the end oft he Autobahn, turn left into the direction of Neuenheim/Universitätsklinikum, then turn right on Vangerowstraße. Merge directly into the right of the two lanes. Drive underneath the Neckar Bridge (Ernst Walz Brücke). Drive right, directly onto the bridge, and cross the Neckar river. Merge directly into the left lane. After the bridge, take an immediate left onto Jahnstraße. In 50 meters, the street will take a bend to the right. Then, in approximately 100 meters, you will find the entrance to the visitor parking lot 22 (P 22).

It is extremely difficult to find a parking space in Neuenheimer Feld, so we reccommend that you leave your car at the aforementioned visitor parking lot at the endtrance to Neuenheimer Feld, and from there, to walk approximately 8 minutes to the Marsilius Kolleg. You must pay for a parking space.

Don’t forget: the ticket must be paid at the window beforehand (either in the front at the gate or by the surgery) in order to be able to exit through the gate.

Parking locations can be seen on the map below. 

Anfahrt Auto

WIth public transportation from the Heidelberg Main Train Station (Hauptbahnhof)

From the main train station, enter bus number 32 towards Neuenheim, Kopfklinik. Exit at the stop „Uni-Campus“. You can also enter bus number 37 towards Sportzentrum Nord. Exit at the stop "Uni-Campus". Please make sure, that you check the timetable for possible changes. The Marsilius Kolleg is on the opposite side of the street from the bus stop, in the Marsilius Arkaden 130.1.

If you are taking the tram, use either number 21 or 24 (toward Handschuhsheim). Exit at the stop “Jahnstraße”. Cross the Berliner Straße toward Neuenheimer Feld. Follow Jahnstraße, which will bend toward the right in approximately 50 meters. Turn left on Kirschnerstraße and follow it approximately 350 meters, until you reach the Marsilius Arkaden on the left side (Im Neuenheimer Feld 130).


Entrance to the Marsilius Kolleg

The Marsilius Kolleg is located in the north tower of the Marsilius Arkaden (130.1), which is the foremost building on the complex. It lies obliquely opposite the German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ). The building entrance is on the left, on the east side (towards the campus entrance). In the entryway you will find a sign with directions. 

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