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Marsilius Lecture Summer Term 2023

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Marsilius Lecture Winter Term 2022

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Marsilius Lectures

Marsilius Medialle

The Marsilius Lectures are activities for the academic community of all disciplines as well as for the broader public. Once a semester, the Marsilius Kolleg invites an outstanding academic to speak about a topic that calls for bridging the gaps between scholarly cultures. In recognition of their achievements in the dialogue between scholarly cultures, the speakers of the Marsilius Lecture are decorated with the Marsilius Medal.


Bridging Science, Engineering, and Art:
From Mechanobiology to Human Organs-on-Chips

Monday, 10 July 2023, 4 pm 
Donald E. Ingber, MD, Ph.D
Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering at Harvard University





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