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Marsilius Lectures

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The Marsilius Lectures are activities for the academic community of all disciplines as well as for the broader public. Once a semester, the Marsilius Kolleg invites an outstanding academic to speak about a topic that calls for bridging the gaps between scholarly cultures. In recognition of their achievements in the dialogue between scholarly cultures, the speakers of the Marsilius Lecture are decorated with the Marsilius Medal.


Previous Marsilius Lectures:

Günter Blobel (7/18/2008) Biomedicine
Wolfgang Frühwald (2/19/2009) German Language and Literature
Dieter Grimm (7/2/2009) Law
Christiane Nüsslein-Volhard (2/4/2010) Biology
Jörg Widmann (7/8/2010) Music
Gerd Gigerenzer (2/3/2011) Psychology
Douglas Price (6/30/2011) Archaeometry
Edna Foa (2/1/2012) Medicine / Psychiatry
Simon White (5/10/2011) Astrophysics
Alvin Roth (2/7/2012) Economics
Onur Güntürkün (5/16/2013) Neuroscience
Hans-Jörg Rheinberger (6.2.2014) History of Science (Wissenschaftsgeschichte)
Felix Schürmann (5.6.2014) Physik
Melanie Wald-Fuhrmann (29.1.2015) Musicology
Elio Riboli (11.6.2015) Medicine / Public Health
Jutta Allmendinger (3.2.2016) Sociology
Joachim von Braun (12.5.2016) Agricultural Economics
Elke Seefried (26.1.2017) Contemporary History
Kevin Esvelt (1.6.2017) Biotechnology
Marina Münkler (30.11.2017) German Language and Literature
Petra Schwille (17.05.2018) Biophysics


Upcoming Marsilius Lectures:

Hermann Parzinger (31.01.2019) President of the Stiftung Preussischer Kulturbesitz


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​Thursday, May 17, 2018, 4 o'clock p.m. in the lecture hall of Old Heidelberg University

Life. The (Small) Step to Living Matter




Marsilius Lecture with Prof. Dr. Petra Schwille
Director at the Max-Planck-Institut of Biochemistry, Martinsried



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Newspaper Article


Muenkler Portrait

​Thursday, November 30, 2017, 4 o'clock p.m. in the lecture hall of Old Heidelberg University

Foreignness. Medieval solutions and modern problems




Marsilius Lecture with Prof. Dr. Marina Münkler
Professor for German Literature and Culture at TU Dresden




The video of the Marsilius Lecture is available here.

Foto Kevin EsveltThursday, June 1, 2017, 4 o'clock p.m. in the lecture hall of Old Heidelberg University

Wisely Engineering Shared Ecosystems. Leveraging gene drive to ensure open and community-responsive genetic engineering research

Kevin Esvelt
Leader Sculpting Evolution Group und Assistant Professor at MIT Media Lab


The video of the Marsilius Lecture is available here. 

Foto Seefried ElkeThursday, January 26, 2017, 4 o'clock p.m. in the lecture hall of New Heidelberg University

Futures. A history of future research since 1945




Marsilius Lecture with Prof. Dr. Elke Seefried
Second acting director of the Institute of Contemporary History Munich-Berlin and professor of new History  at the University of Augsburg

The video of the Marsilius lecture is available here.



Von BraunTuesday, May 12, 2016, 4 o'clock p.m. in the old lecture hall of Heidelberg University​

Bioeconomics: Sustainable living and economic activity



Marsilius-Lecture with Prof. Dr. Joachim von Braun
Professor of Economic and Technological Change and Director of the Center for Development Research at the University of Bonn.


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​​​Wednesday, February 3, 2016 4 o’clock p.m. in the old lecture hall of Heidelberg University​

Science as a vocation? Careers in the scientific system of the 21st century


Marsilius lecture with Prof. Jutta Allmendinger, Ph.D.
Prof. Jutta Allemendinger, Ph.D., President of the Social Science Research Center Berlin for Social Research (WZB) and Professor of Sociology of Education and Labor Market Research at the Humboldt University of Berlin



Elio Riboli​​​Thursday, June 11, 2015 at 4 o'clock p.m. in the old lecture hall of Heidelberg University​

Can we prevent Chronic Disease? The role of Nutrition and Lifestyle



Marsilius lecture with Prof. Dr. Elio Riboli 
Professor of Cancer Epidemiology and Prevention und Director School of Public Health, Imperial College London


Wald-fuhrmann Melanie1 2010

Thursday, January 29, 2015 at 4 o’clock p.m. in the old lecture hall of Heidelberg University

Why do you love Brahms? Music taste research between history, sociology and neuroscience


Marsilius lecture with Prof. Dr. Melanie Wald-Fuhrmann
Director of the Max-Planck Institute for empirical aesthetics



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