"House Buhl"


Some facts about the „Haus Buhl“

·         Pervious carcass building was destroyed in the Palatin war of succession (1688-1697)

·         1722: The “Haus Buhl” was built by architect Johann Jakob Rischer and the house builder Prof. Friedrich Gerhard von Lünenschloß; two gates of the previous building were integrated within the new baroque palace

·         1770-1784: extensive renovations represent the style of transition from late baroque to early classicism

·         1889: Heinrich Buhl, lawyer and university professor, acquired the “Haus Buhl”

·         1907: Heinrich Buhl donated the building to his university for a charitable purpose

·         1938: hostel for international guests of the university

·         1945-1948: confiscation by the Allied

·         1948: students’ and festival building

·         1986: renovation in the style of the late 18th century.

·         2007: Move-in of the Marsilius-Kolleg into the ground floor.

·         2007-2016: Ground floor of the House Buhl is home to the Marsilius-Kolleg offices


More information on the “Haus Buhl” can be found on the German webpage.

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