Prof. Dr. Johannes Schröder

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Prof. Dr. Johannes Schröder, Date of birth: 21th December 1957 - Place of birth: Lemwerder/Germany, Section of Geriatric Psychiatry (Contact: johannes_schroder(at)


Fields of Interest:

Risk and protective factors in physiological ageing and dementia.
Autobiographical memory, mechanisms in cognitive training.
Early recognition of Alzheimer´s disease; mild cognitive impairment.
Psychopathology and course of schizophrenia.

  Curriculum Vitae


Scientific distinctions and awards:



Young Scientist Award

Fifth Biennial Winter Workshop on Schizophrenia, Badgastein, for the study "Minor motoric and sensoric disturbances (neurological soft signs) in remitting and chronic schizophrenia".


Young Scientist Award

Seventh Biennal Winter Workshop on Schizophrenia, Les Diablerets, for the study "Structural and functional correlates of subsyndromes in chronic schizophrenia"


Scientific award "Hirnforschung in der Geriatrie"

with J. Pantel/Heidelberg for the paper "Quantitative magnetic resonance tomography and severitiy of cognitive deficits in dementia of Alzheimer´s type"


"Alois Alzheimer-Preis" in recognition of the work on early detection of Alzheimer´s disease.

Selected Publikations:


  • Schröder J., Kratz B., Pantel J., Minneman E., Lehr U. and Sauzer H. (1998) Prevalence of mild cognitive impairment in an elderly community sample. J Neural Transm 54:51-59.
  • Schröder J., Essig M., Baudendistel K., Jahn T., Gerdsen I., Stockert A., Knopp M.V. and Schad L.R (1999) Motor dysfunction and sensorimotor cortex actviation changes in schizophrenia: a study with functional magnetic resonance imaging. Neuroimaging 9:81-87.
  • Bickel C., Pantel J., Eysenbach K. und Schröder J. (2000) Syntactic Comprehension Deficits in Alzheimer´s Disease. Brain and  Language: 71:432-448.
  • Karlsson H., Bachmann S., Schröder J., McArthur J., Fuller Torrey E., Yolken R. H. (2001) Retroviral RNA identified in the cerebrospinal fluids and brains of individuals with schizophrenia. PNAS 98(8):4634-4639.
  • Schröder J., Buchsbaum M.S., Shihabuddin L., Tang C., Wei T., Spiegel-Cohen J., Hazlett E.A., Abel L., Luu-Hsia C., Ciaravolo T.M., Marin D., Davis K.L. (2001) Patterns of cortical activity and memory performance in Alzheimer´s disease. Biol Psychiatry 49(5):426-436.
  • Pantel J., Kratz B., Essig M., Schröder J. (2003) Parahippocampal Volume Deficits in Subject With Aging-Associated Cognitive Decline. Am J Psychiatry 160:379-382.
  • Hempel A., Giesel F., Garcia Caraballo N., Amann M., Meyer H., Wüstenberg T., Essig M., Schröder J., (2004) Plasticity of working memory related cortical activation during practive. Am J Psychiatry 161: 745-747.
  • Bachmann S., Bottmer Ch., Schröder J. (2005) Neurological soft signs in first-episode schizophrenia - a follow-up study. Am J Psychiatry 162: 1-7.
  • Schönknecht P., Pantel J., Kruse A., Schröder J. (2005) Prevalence and natural course of aging-associated cognitive decline in a population based sample of "Young-old" subjects. Am J Psychiatry 172: 2071-77.
  • Thomann P.A., Dos Santos Pedro V., Toro P., Schönknecht P., Essig M., Schröder J. Reduced olfactory bulb and tract volume in early Alzheimer´s disease - a MRI study. Neurobiol Aging (in Press).

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