Institute for Environmental Physics

University of Heidelberg




Prof. Dr. Ulrich Platt

Fellow-Class 2008-09
Fellow-Class 2010-11


Fields of Interest:

Environmental Physics, Experimental Physics, Atmosphere, Radiation


Curriculum Vitae




Selected publications (from more than 200 in the reviewed literature):

  • Platt U.,. Perner H., Harris G.W., Winer A.M., and Pitts J.N. (1980), Observations of nitrous acid in an urban atmosphere by differential optical absorption, Nature 285, 312-314.
  • Platt U., Rateike M., Junkermann W., Rudolph J., and Ehhalt D.H. (1988), New tropospheric OH measurements, J. Geophys. Res. 93, 5159-5166.
  • Platt U., LeBras G., Poulet G., Burrows J.P., and Moortgat G. (1990), Peroxy radicals from night-time reaction of NO3 with organic compounds, Nature 348, 147-149.
  • Wagner T. and Platt U. (1998), Observation of Tropospheric BrO from the GOME Satellite, Nature 395, 486-490.
  • Alicke B., Hebestreit K., Stutz J., and Platt U. (1999), Detection of Iodine Oxide by DOAS in the Marine Boundary Layer, Nature 397, 572-573.
  • Hebestreit K., Stutz J., Rosen D., Matveev V, Peleg M., Luria M., and Platt U. (1999), First DOAS Measurements of Tropospheric BrO in Mid Latitudes, Science, 283, 55-57.
  • Bobrowski N., Hönninger G., Galle B. and Platt U. (2003), Detection of Bromine Monoxide in a Volcanic Plume, Nature 423, 15 May, 273-276.
  • Platt U. Allan W. and Lowe D. (2004), Hemispheric Average Cl Atom Concentration from 13C/12C Ratios in Atmospheric Methane, Atmos. Chem. Phys. 4, 2393–2399.
  • Bobrowski N. and Platt U. (2007), Bromine Monoxide Studies in Volcanic Plumes, J. Volcanology and Geothermal Res. 166, 147-160.
  • Platt U. and Stutz J. (2008), Differential Optical Absorption spectroscopy, Principles and Applications, Springer, XV, 597 p. 272 illus., 29 in color. (Physics of Earth and Space Environments), ISBN 978-3-540-21193-8.


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