Prof. Dr. Fred Hamprecht

Fellow Class 2010-11


Fields of Interest:

Image Processing, Data Analysis, Pattern Recognition, Machine Learning


Curriculum Vitae




Selected Publications:

  • B. Andres, U. Köthe, M. Helmstaedter, W. Denk, F. A. Hamprecht: Segmentation of SBFSEM Volume Data of Neural Tissue by Hierarchical Classication. DAGM 2008: 142-152.
  • H. R. Künsch, E. Agrell, F. A. Hamprecht: Optimal lattices for sampling. IEEE Transactions on Information Theory 51(2): 634-647 (2005).
  • B. Y. Renard, M. Kirchner, H. Steen, J.A.J. Steen, F. A. Hamprecht: NITPICK, peak identifcation for mass spectrometry data
    BMC Bioinformatics 2008, 9:355.
  • F. A. Hamprecht, W. Thiel, W. F. van Gunsteren: Chemical Library Subset Selection Algorithms: A Unied Derivation Using Spatial Statistics. Journal of Chemical Information and Computer Sciences 42(2): 414-428 (2002).
  • J. Steen, H. Steen, A. Georgi, K. Parker, M. Springer, M. Kirchner, F. A. Hamprecht, M. W. Kirschner: Different Phosphorylation States of the Anaphase Promoting Complex in Response to Anti-Mitotic Drugs: A Quantitative Proteomic Analysis. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, (2008) 105,16, 6069-6074.
  • B. M. Kelm, B. H. Menze, C. M. Zechmann, K. T. Baudendistel, F. A. Hamprecht: Automated Estimation of Tumor Probability in Prostate MRSI: Pattern Recognition vs. Quantication. Magnetic Resonance in Medicine, (2007) 57, 150-159.
  • F. A. Hamprecht, A. J. Cohen, D. J. Tozer, N. C. Handy: Development and assessment of new exchange-correlation functionals. Journal of Chemical Physics, (1998) 109, 6264-6271.
  • M. Jager, C. Knoll, F. A. Hamprecht: Weakly Supervised Learning of a Classier for Unusual Event Detection. IEEE Transactions on Image Processing 17(9): 1700-1708 (2008).
  • Towards Digital Staining using Imaging Mass Spectrometry and Random Forests M. Hanselmann, U. Köthe, M. Kirchner, B. Y. Renard, E. R. Amstalden, K. Glunde, R. M. A. Heeren, F. A. Hamprecht Journal of Proteome Research, (2009) 8, 3558-3567.
  • F. A. Hamprecht, U. Achleitner, A. C. Krismer, K. H. Lindner, V. Wenzel, H.-U. Strohmenger, W. Thiel, W. F. van Gunsteren: Fibrillation power: An alternative method of ECG spectral analysis for prediction of countershock success in a porcine model of ventricular -brillation. Resuscitation, (2001) 50, 287-296.


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