Prof. Dr. Thomas Fuchs

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Prof. Dr. Thomas Fuchs, Date of birth: 29.09.1958 - Place of  birth: Munich, Germany - Institution: Center of Psychosocial Medicine of the University of Heidelberg, Hospital for General Psychiatry (Contact: thomas_fuchs(at)


Fields of Interest:

Phänomenology, Psychopathology, Theory of Neuroscience

  Curriculum Vitae


Major Research Projects:


Coordinator of the European Marie-Curie Research Training Network "DISCOS - Disorders and and Coherence of the Embodied Self" (2007-2011), including 9 European Centers from philosophy, neuroscience, psychiatry and developmental psychology

Coordinator of the Joint National Research Project "The brain as an organ of interrelations - Interdisciplinary perspectives on the development of socially induced capacities", funded by the Volkswagenstiftung (208-2011), including German centers from philosophy, neurobiology, developmental psychology and psychiatry


10 recent publications:

  • Fuchs, T., 2007: Fragmented selves. Temporality and identity in Borderline peresonality disorder. Psychopathology 40: 379-387.
  • Fuchs, T., 2007: Psychotherapy of the lived space. A phenomenological and ecological concept. Am. J. Pschotherapy 61: 432-439.
  • Fuchs, T., 2007: The temporal structure of intentionality and its disturbance in schizophrenia. Psychopathology 40: 229-235.
  • Fuchs, T., 2006: Ethical issues in neuroscience. Current Opinions in Psychiatry 19: 600-607.
  • Fuchs, T., 2005: Delusional mood and delusional perception - A phenomenological analysis. Psychopathology 38: 133-139.
  • Fuchs, T., 2005: Implicit and explicit temporality. Philosophy, Psychiatry & Psychology 12: 195-198.
  • Fuchs, T., 2005: Corporealized and disembodied minds. A phenomenological view of the body in melancholia and schizophrenia. Philosophy, Psychiatry & Psychology 12: 95-107.
  • Fuchs, T., 2005: Overcoming dualism. Philosophy, Psychiatry & Psychology 12: 115-117.
  • Fuchs, T., 2004: Neurobiology and Psychotherapy: An emerging dialogue. Current Opinions in Psychiatry 17: 479-485.
  • Fuchs, T., 2002: The Challenge of Neuroscience: Psychiatry and Phenomenlogy today. Psychopathology 35: 319-326.







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