Fellow class 2016/17

Slider Fellows 2
Following the recommendation of the Marsilius Kolleg Selection Committee, the Rectorate of Heidelberg University appointed the following academics as Marsilius Fellows from March 1st, 2016 to February 28th, 2017:


Prof. Dr. Claus R. Bartram (human genetics)
Prof. Dr. Michael Boutros (cell and molecular biology, DKFZ)
Prof. Dr. Christiane Brosius (visual and media anthropology)
Prof. Dr. Beate Ditzen (Institute for Medical psychology)
Prof. Dr. Zeno Enders (economic policies)
Prof. Dr. Joachim Fischer (Mannheim Institute of Public Health)
Prof. Dr. Ulrike Gerhard (Geographic Institute)
Prof. Dr. Bernd Grzeszick (public law and philosophy of law)
apl. Prof. Dr. Albrecht Jahn (Institute for Public Health)
Prof. Dr. Rüdiger Klingeler (Kirchhoff-Institut of Physics)
Prof. Dr. Katja Patzel-Mattern (History)
Prof. Dr. Philipp Stoellger (Theology)
Prof. Dr. Jale Tosun (Institut of political science)
Prof. Dr. Marc-Philippe Weller (Institute for  foreign and international private and business law)

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