Curriculum Vitae Prof. Dr. Thomas Fuchs



1981-1988       Training in medicine, philosophy and history of sciences


1990                 M.D. in history of medicine (summa cum laude)


1999                 Ph. D. in philosophy (summa cum laude)


Academic Employment


1989-1997        Training in psychiatry and psychotherapy at the Psychiatric Department, Technical University of Munich


since 1997         Assistant Professor at the Psychiatric Department, University of Heidelberg


since 1999          Habilitation at the psychiatric Department, University of Heidelberg


since 2001          Head of the Section "Phenomenological Psychopathology and Psychotherapy"


since 2004          Chairman of the Section "Philosophical Foundations of Psychiatry" of the German - Psychiatric Association (DGPPN)


since 2005          Associate Professor of Psychiatry, University of Heidelberg


since 2008           Fellow of the Marsilius-Kolleg (Center for Interdisciplinary Studies, Heidelberg University)

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