Marsilius Summer School 2012

New Interdisciplinary Anthropology: Body – Mind – Culture

from July 22nd to 29th 2012 in Heidelberg


Since the 19th century, the theory of evolution has fundamentally shaken traditional assumptions regarding the place of humans in nature. Philosophical and theological anthropology of the 20th century (Scheler, Plessner, Gehlen, Portmann, Pannenberg) have rejected the Darwinist model of human development as a part of natural history by emphasizing the unique position of humans as defined by their ability to reason and their spiritual endowment. Currently, the fields of evolutionary anthropology, developmental psychology and recent philosophical anthropology highlight the embodied cognition and articulation of humans as well as their constitutive sociality as pre-conditions for cultural development (Deacon, Donald, Tomassello, Jung). The traditional duality of nature and culture, body and mind becomes a dynamic process in which these polarities intertwine and are mutually constituted. It is against this background that the Summer School „New Interdisciplinary Anthropology: Body – Mind – Culture” will address the interaction between biological, anthropological and cultural evolution. In particular the embodiment of the human mind and human culture will be examined without succumbing to scientistic reductionisms. The Marsilius Kolleg’s Summer School is organized by Heidelberg University’s newly founded research network “Anthropology and Ethics”. The network was created through the cooperative effort of the Interdisciplinary Forum for Biomedicine and Cultural Studies (IFBK), the Research Center for International and Interdisciplinary Theology (FIIT) and the Research Group “Subjectivity Research”.

PLEASE NOTE: Participants should be able to follow lectures and discussions in German but can contribute to the discussions in English.


Team of Directors:

Prof. Dr. Dr. Thomas Fuchs (Psychiatry, Philosophy)

Prof. Dr. Thomas Holstein (Biology)

Prof. Dr. Klaus Tanner (Theology)

Prof. Dr. Michael Welker (Theology)

Dr. Gregor Etzelmüller (Theology)

Dr. Grit Schwarzkopf (Literary Studies)

Dr. Thiemo Breyer (Philosophy)


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