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INOCULATED BACK TO NORMALITY? - Perspectives on overcoming the Corona crisis

Wednesday, June 9, 2021, 7.00 p.m.

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For more than a year, the Corona pandemic has been shaping public life and people's private everyday lives. Hygiene and contact restriction measures cause psychological, social, economic and cultural damage. The longing for "normality" is growing; the call for a gradual lifting of the restrictions on basic rights is getting louder.

Inoculating the population as comprehensively as possible is seen as the most important means of overcoming the crisis. How well and quickly will this succeed? When can and must restrictions be lifted? Should vaccinated people regain their rights earlier? Why do many people not (yet) want to be vaccinated? How far-reaching, sustainable and safe is vaccination?

On Marsilius kontrovers, a health psychologist, a constitutional lawyer and a virologist discuss the vaccination campaign and the resulting perspectives on the Corona pandemic. Viewers of the online broadcast can participate in the discussion via chat or e-mail.












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