Cardiovascular diseases and cognitive impairment: new perspectives for prevention

This subproject focuses on the quantitative assessment of cognitive impairment in old age, including the examination of relevant preventive and risk factors. A special emphasis is the interaction with cardiovascular diseases and risk factors, as well as socio-demographic factors.


The study questions will be addressed using the ESTHER study, a prospective cohort study of about 10,000 participants aged 50–74 years at baseline. At year 5 follow-up, about 2,000 of the oldest participants completed a telephone-based assessment of cognitive function using a recently developed instrument.


Connections to other subprojects include the description, classification and interpretation of cognitive impairment (project Schröder). The subproject Klein furthermore includes analyses with a focus on socio-demographic factors in the same dataset.


Initial research findings have been published (Dement Geriatr Disord 2010; 30(4):309). Currently, analyses of various risk factors are being carried out.



L. Breitling, J. Kohl & H. Brenner

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Latest Revision: 2011-06-21