Application procedure

New Marsilius projects may develop from the projects of the fellows. Fellows can submit a description of the project in a ten page proposal.


  • The proposal should demonstrate how the project fits with the goals of the Marsilius Kolleg, as well as how the collaboration between scientific disciplines will be implemented with regard to content, methods and organization.
  • The proposal should contain measures to support young academics.
  • The proposal should address aspects of gender equality
  • A project scheduled for three years should address the intended follow-up financing and the long-term goals of the project.
  • The proposal must contain a list of the participants, along with with short CVs and a publication list (max. 10 publications respectively).

An early announcement of the project proposal can accelerate the review process.


Approval process:

  • External reviews
  •  Recommendation of the Selection Committee of the Marsilius Kolleg
  • Decision by the rectorate

The Marsilius Kolleg is grateful to the German Academy of Sciences Leopoldina and the Berlin- Brandenburg Academy of Sciences for the provision of reviewers. This indirect selection establishes a more objective process of approval.

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