Winter Semester 2016/17

I. Interdisciplinary Colloquium


II. Bridge Seminars


Order systems in art history and computer vision

Prof. Dr. Björn Ommer (IWR)

Dr. Sabine Lang (IWR)


weekly meetings, tba

Location:  Mathematikon

Bioeconomy as a guarantee for sustainability? – Scientific basics, political challenges, and social acceptance

The seminar is conceptualized as a research seminar, and is therefore especially directed at advanced students (in Master’s degree studies).

Prof. Dr. Jale Tosun (Political Science)

Prof. Dr. Thomas Rausch (Molecular Biology)




Optimization of early and late life? An attempt at a psychiatric-psychological approach

This event is especially directed at interdisciplinary students of higher semesters as well as members of the Heidelberg Graduate School for Humanities and Social Sciences.

Prof. Dr. Romuald Brunner (Child and Youth Psychology)

Prof. Dr. Hans-Werner Wahl (Age Psychology)

Block Seminar

27.10.2016: Preliminary Discussion 16.30-18.00h
09.12.2016: Seminar 10.00-16.00h
20.01.2017: Seminar 10.00-16.00h

Location: Marsilius-Kolleg, Im Neuenheimer Feld 130.1, Seminar room 1

Cosmology and creationism. Interdisciplinary considerations on the question of worldview

Prof. Dr. Matthias Bartelmann (Astrophysics)

Prof. Dr. Friederike Nüssel (Systematic Theology)

Block Seminar

9.11.2016 or 7.12.2016, 16-18h, Preliminary Discussion
13. January 2017: Seminar
27. January 2017: Seminar

Location: tba


III. Discipline-specific courses for non-majors


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