Events - Sommer Semester 2015


I. Interdisciplinary Colloquium


II. Bridge Seminars


Chances and risks in early childhood from a psychological and economic perspective

Prof. Dr. Christina Gathmann (Economics)

Prof. Dr. Sabina Pauen (Psychology)

Dates: Mo 20.04.2015, 15-17h

Mo 27.04.2015, 15-17h

Mo 04.05.2015, 15-17h

Location: Seminar Room, Haus Buhl or: Psychologisches Institut

Planetary Health – Is our planet sick?

Prof. Dr. Werner Aeschbach-Hertig (Umweltphysik)

Prof. Dr. Marcus Koch (Biology)

PD Dr. Sabine Gabrysch (Public Health)

Dr. Thomas Jänisch (Public Health)

Dr. Nicole Vollweiler (Geography)

Dates: every 14 days:

I. Freitag, 24. April – Konstituierende Sitzung (2h)
II. Freitag, 8. Mai – Methoden und Konzepte (4h)
III. Freitag, 22. Mai – Diagnose (4h)
IV. Freitag, 12. Juni – Lösungsansätze (4h)
V. Freitag, 26. Juni – Abschlusssitzung (2-3h)

Location: n.n.

Right to health – health by law?

Prof. Dr. Albrecht Jahn (Medicine)

Prof. Dr. Bernd Grzeszick (Law)

Prof. Dr. Jale Tosun (Political Science)

Block Seminar:

Start: 8. May  9.00h
End: 9. May 16.00h

Location: n.n.

Judging, but how?

Prof. Dr. Silke Hertel (Educational Science)

Prof. Dr. Gerhard Dannecker (Law)

Prof. Dr. Ingrid Schoberth (Theology)

Termin: every 14 days: 13.04., Monday 16-20h
Location: Institut für Bildungswissenschaften, Akademiestr 3, R 107


III. Discipline-specific courses for non-majors


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