Requirements and Recommendations


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The courses of the Marsilius Study Program can be completed as part of an undergraduate or doctoral degree. They are open to anyone interested in attending. It is recommended that students are at least in their third degree semester when they begin. Students will recieve a Marsilius Certificate upon successful completion of the program. The requirements for earning a certificate are enumerated under § 5 of the Statute of the Marsilius Study Program. Minimum requirements include

  • active participation (including coursework) in two 'bridge' seminars,
  • completion of a discipline-specific course for non-majors (alternative: a third 'bridge' seminar) and
  • presentation and discussion of a (final) paper in a colloquium.

Individual faculties have the final decision in the appropriate number of credits to be given towards a degree, however the Marsilius Kolleg will make a recommendation.

Introductory courses for non-majors will also be included on the certificate.


Further course recommendations

In addition to our own course offerings, we also recommend the following:

  • introductory courses in other disciplines and methods
  • the multidisciplinary course pool of the Faculties of Modern Languages, Philosophy and Theology (for non-majors)
  • the Studium Generale (general education courses)


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