Marsilius Certificate

We congratulate the following students for receiving the Marsilius Certificate:

Bild Zertifikat_SoSe19

Jasmin Dehnen (not pictured)
"mRNA Modifications and their Contribution to heterogeneity of Cells"

Raphael Heinrich Holfeld
"The Benefits of Animals in Society"

Raphael Ruf
"Political Knowledge an the >Crisis of Democracy<"

Heather Smith
"Why you Hate the Bagpipes: A Study of Sound Perception in Bagpipe Players in Germany and Canada"


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Information and Organisation


Studying at the Marsilius Kolleg

Nünning/Gräter/StudiesThe goal of the Marsilius Study Program is to create an opportunity for interdisciplinary research during a degree program.

Course offerings are divided into

  • 'bridge' seminars (usually interdisciplinary seminars) that are led by at least two lecturers from different scholarly cultures,
  • discipline-specific courses for non-majors
  • and a multidisciplinary colloquium for the interdisciplinary presentation and discussion of students' final papers.



Peikert/StudiesBenefits of the Study Program

Rounding out a degree program with interdisciplinary study has several benefits:

  • Many students find broadening their academic horizons a personally enriching experience. Interdisciplinarity is fun!
  • The dialogue with different scholarly cultures fosters individual communication and critical skills.
  • Interdisciplinary approaches are becoming increasingly important in academia as well as in business.
  • Experiencing different perspectives can benefit one's own studies.

The Commission for the Marsilius Study Program has authority over matters such as the selection of courses.

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