A Roadmap Towards Human-Robot Collaboration via Physical Interaction

Public lecture as part of the Marsilius Academy 2018, “Humans in Motion – Der Mensch in Bewegung“


Montag, der 24. September 2018, 18.00 Uhr

Aula der Alten Universität, Grabengasse 1, 69117 Heidelberg


In this talk Francesco Nori will discuss his approach in modelling physical human-robot interaction. At the basis of this approach the idea is to model interaction as the coupling between two mechanical systems: the agent and the partner. While the agent has direct access to its internal variables (e.g. proprioception and applied forces), it can only indirectly infer the partner’s internal variables. Still these variables are fundamental to generate proficient collaborative motions during physical interaction tasks. In this sense modern robots have a blind spot since they are limited in observing human whole-body dynamics. The recently funded H2020-ICT project AnDy will resolve this blind spot by developing a sensor suit able to observe human whole body dynamics in real- time, by learning ergonomic and anticipatory models from the big data sets this suit generates, and by incorporating these models in on-line control to make collaboration more efficient.



Francesco Nori

Head of Robotics, Google DeepMind




Organized by the Heidelberg Center for Motion Research (HCMR) and the Marsilius Kolleg

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