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Dr. Jan Korbel,



Dr. Fruzsina Molnár-Gábor,



Prof. Dr Julio Saez-Rodriguez,

Medical Informatics


Privacy Challenges in the Health Sector through Emerging Technologies

We are happy to announce that we are opening the lectures of our expert speakers of the seminar

“Privacy Challenges through Emerging Technologies in Medical Research and Healthcare”

for all interested listeners.

Talks are going to address ethical, legal and social challenges of integrating new technologies into biomedicine, particularly

  • The privacy classification of various health-related data, re-identifiability based on these data, as well as risk mitigation measures;
  • The socio-legal implications of data-driven healthcare, data as public good and disposition thereof;
  • The incorporation of AI into medical research and healthcare, including training, validation, and use of AI applications;
  • Privacy in the international setting (of health care) and the socio-legal assessment of the engagement of private sector actors as well as public agencies.

We encourage your active participation in what promises to be an interesting and lively event.

If you are interested in participating or if you have any further questions, please email:


The event will take place online via Zoom and YouTube.



    Prof. Dr. Benedikt Brors (DKFZ, Heidelberg)

     Omics Data and Privacy

     6 July, 9.00-10.00 a.m.


    Dr. Ilaria Colussi (BBMRI)

     The GDPR and biomedical research: the state of the art and a possible code of conduct

     6 July, 10.00-11.00 a.m.


    Prof. Dr. Ma'n Zawati (McGill University, Canada)

     Ethical and legal issues in mhealth apps: A Canadian perspective

      6 July, 2.00-3.00 p.m.


    Dr. Jakob Nikolas Kather (RWTH Aachen)

     Integration of artificial intelligence biomarkers in clinical decision making

     13 July, 9.00-10.00 a.m.


    Prof. Dr. Yves Moreau (KU Leuven, Belgium)

     Genomic surveillance

     13 July, 1.15-2.15 p.m.; This lecture is permanently available on YouTube



Organized in cooperation with the German Human Genome-Phenome Archive (GHGA)

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