The Kolleg

As an Institute for Advanced Study (IAS), the Marsilius-Kolleg promotes new forms of interdisciplinary research at the University of Heidelberg. The focus of the research is on the academic exchange and cooperation between the natural, life, and engineering sciences as well as the humanities, cultural, and social sciences. The Kolleg aims to develop, implement, and mediate cross-disciplinary research perspectives.


Interdisciplinary discourse and cooperation stand at the center of all research activities at the Marsilius-Kolleg. The Fellows and Young Marsilius Fellows as well as research project groups connected with the Institute ensure the success of these two main focuses. The Fellows apply to work on research teams to cooperate on challenging topics from both a scientific and societal viewpoint where interdisciplinary cooperation is expected to yield new insights.


Fiona Fox will take over the Nature Marsilius Visiting Professorship for Science Communication at Heidelberg University in the summer semester 2024. A champion of excellent science communication and quality journalism is usually appointed as a guest professor each semester. Along with the furtherance these aims, young researchers are also trained to better communicate their research and findings to the public.


To provide insight into the importance of interdisciplinary perspectives over the course of one’s studies, the Institute offers students and doctoral candidates an interdisciplinary study program in the form of the Marsilius Studien. In this program, lecturers from a variety of disciplines jointly organize seminars. Additionally, the Marsilius Academien offers short-term events on thematically focused topics, geared particularly toward doctoral students from Germany and abroad.


The topics discussed and researched at the Marsilius-Kolleg are often of significant importance to the broader society. The Institute thus also has the task of involving the public and contributing to a productive exchange between the academy and society. The various formats for events, publications, and media contributions serve this end.