Research at the Marsilius Kolleg implies relating perspectives of different disciplines to a problem in order to arrive at new insights and solutions. The open, critical, respectful, and creative academic discourse at the Institute offers optimal conditions for such research cooperation. The annually changing Fellows from all areas of university research form the communicative core of this process. These Fellows contribute research projects that are discussed and worked on in small teams as well as in weekly seminars of the Fellow class. The Young Marsilius Fellowship Program involves scientists in the postdoctoral phase of research in interdisciplinary exchange. The results of the fellowships flow directly or indirectly into a wide variety of activities and projects, thus enriching research, teaching, and scientific transfer at the University.


The Fellows form the center of the research activities at the Marsilius-Kolleg. Advanced scientists at the University of Heidelberg and the surrounding research institutions can apply for a one-year fellowship to work in interdisciplinary teams on a self-proposed research topic and to take part in the discussions at the Institute. The regular and intensive exchange with each class of Fellows inititates a forum for innovative proposals and constructive critique, reveals new potentialities for cooperation, and has positive repercussions on the disciplinary research of the participants. 

Young Marsilius Fellows

Interested postdoctoral scholars at the University of Heidelberg and the surrounding research institutions can join the “Young Marsilius Fellows” (YMF) in the Marsilius Kolleg. The program tailored to this target group promotes interdisciplinary networking and the skills of scientific communication for younger scientists and scholars.