Workgroup Organism

Science has been busying itself for centuries with the question of what an organism is, both in the humanities and natural sciences. But even with progress, the question of identification always rises again. On the whole, we believe that this issue cannot be solved by a single expert alone. How to approach the question remains to be discussed.

In the spring of 2016, a small interdisciplinary group of scientists, who brought together their findings from physics, chemistry, biology, theology, and philosophy, teamed up at the Marsilius Kolleg. They want to link the latest results of knowledge from the natural sciences to the latest knowledge from the humanities, approaching the old question of the organism in a new way.


Participating scientists:

Lutz Gade (Inorganic Chemistry)

Thomas Holstein (Cell Biology)

Hannah Monyer (Neurobiology)

Manfred Salmhofer (Theoretical Physics)

Grit Schwarzkopf (Philosophy)

Klaus Tanner (Theology)

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