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Marsilius Academy 2016

Early Childhood in Transition

Interdisciplinary perspectives


October 21 - 27, 2016
im at the International Academic Forum in Heidelberg



Early childhood is a very decisive period for the rest of one’s life. As we now know, the physical, social, emotional, and cognitive development of both children and adults is shaped by experiences in the first few years. Early childhood has become an exciting area of research with many questions cutting across disciplinary boundaries. In this respect, historians take into account different aspects than doctors, social scientists, economists, educators, or teachers do.

In the Marsilius Academy of 2016, we will bring together experts from several disciplines to discuss psychological, medical, historical, educational and economic research on early childhood. Through workshops, presentations and discussions participants will have the opportunity to learn about historical developments as well as recent research and open questions. Important key questions include: „How has early childhood changed in the post-war period? How should the observed changes be classified and evaluated and how do they compare across different countries. What are the future perspectives of early childhood education and research?”


Target audience

PhD students and young scientists of the natural sciences, social sciences, humanities, and medicine with a strong interest to engage in interdisciplinary discussions and conversations on the topic of the Marsilius Academy 2016. The number of participants is limited. The lectures are held in German and in English. A good knowledge of the German language is therefore expected. Participants can ask questions or provide comments in English in the discussions. Participation, accommodation, and meals are covered by the Marsilius-Kolleg.



Prof. Christina Gathmann, Ph.D., Universität Heidelberg (economics)
Prof. Dr. Sabina Pauen, Universität Heidelberg (developmental and biopsychology)



Prof. Dr. Birgit Becker, Universität Frankfurt am Main (sociology)
Prof. Dr. Joachim E. Fischer, Universität Heidelberg (public health)
Prof. Christina Gathmann, Ph.D., Universität Heidelberg (economics)
Prof. Dr. Jens Halfwassen, Universität Heidelberg (philosophy)
Prof. Dr. Manfred Laucht, ZI Mannheim (psychology)
Prof. Dr. Katja Patzel-Mattern, Universität Heidelberg (history)
Prof. Dr. Sabina Pauen, Universität Heidelberg (developmental psychology)
Prof. Dr. Jeanette Roos, Heidelberg University of Education (psychology)
Prof. Dr. Katharina Spieß, German Institute for Economic Research (DIW), Berlin (Educational and family economics)
Prof. Dr. Philipp Osten, Universität Heidelberg (medical history)
Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Tietze, Freie Universität Berlin (infant education)
Prof. Dr. Sabine Walper, Research Director at the German Youth Institute (DJI), München (general education and education research)



International Academic Forum Heidelberg



Applications will be taken until July 18, 2016.

Extended deadline: August 01, 2016

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