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Stay Young! Of the Task not to Age

Mone Spindler (Sociology)
Heiko Stoff (History)
Heinz Rüegger (Gerontology)
Alfred Wolf (Anti-Ageing-Medicine)

March 7, 2018, 19:30h
Marsilius-Kolleg, INF 130.1


Aging as Task: Between Resonance and Vulnerability

Andreas Kruse (Gerontology)
Hartmut Rosa (Sociology)

March 8, 2018, 6:15 p.m.
Lecture hall of Old Heidelberg University



The task of aging.

Interdisciplinary perspectives on the imperitive and social realities of aging

March 7-9, 2018, Heidelberg

"Aging" is a dense concept in which the descriptive and normative, the somatic and the social, the discursive and the institutionalized intertwine. Aging is equally a subject of hopes, fears, and desires, as well as of political regulation and social constraints, which are reflected in imperative goal formulations for the aging. "Stay healthy!" - "Step up!" - "Get involved!" - "Become who you are!" - without always having to be formulated, such imperatives represent a common, rarely problematized background plausibility of aging. They shape social discourses, self-perceptions, and everyday practices, and they materialize in premises of social, health and demography politics. Aging is both an existential, highly diverse challenge for each individual, as well as a social task which could hardly be richer in controversy. As with a burning glass, broaching the subject of age reveals the ambivalences and boundaries within which late modern society bargains with the measure of man.

From the perspective of various disciplines, this conference addresses, on one hand, the tense imperative structure of aging, and, on the other hand, the relationship of the aging imperative with the social realities of aging people. In controversially constructed panels, philosophers, social scientists, theologians, neuroscientists and psychologists, educational scientists, biologists and nursing scientists will debate aging as a prominent task of the present time. The conference is geared toward academics, as well as toward representatives of charities and other civil society organizations dealing with the conceptual issues related to aging.

The event is part of the DFG research network "Aging as self-realization. Individuality concepts in later stages of life at the intersection of neurosciences and discourse on precaution, education and age".


Organization: DFG-Network "Aging as self-realization” (Prof. Dr. Silke van Dyk, PD Dr. Thorsten Moos, Dr. Christian Mulia, Prof. Dr. Saskia Nagel, Dr. Larissa Pfaller, Dr. Christoph Rott, PD Dr. Magnus Schlette)

In cooperation with the Marsilius Kolleg of the University of Heidelberg

Location: Marsilius Kolleg, Im Neuenheimer Feld 130, 69120 Heidelberg

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