Past Events

November 8, 2014

AG Incarnation and Design Group (in cooperation with the Viktor von Weizsäcker Foundation)


Summer Semester 2014

Marsilius Seminar The sick man. Perspectives of an interdisciplinary anthropology

Prof Dr. Thiemo Breyer, Prof. Dr. Gregor Etzelmüller, Dr. Max Ludwig, Dr. Grit Schwarzkopf, PD Dr. Eva Winkler


January 10/11, 2014

Incarnation as a paradigm of theological anthropology

International Workshop of the subproject II with participants from Berkeley, Bern, and Heidelberg

Prof. Dr. Gregor Etzelmüller, Prof. Dr. Annette Weissenrieder (Berkeley), Prof. Dr. Dr. Michael Welker


December 11, 2013 at 6pm

The evolution of language

Public lecture by Professor Dr. Michael Hampe (ETH Zurich) in celebration of the opening of the Marsilius project

Location: Old University, Auditorium Grabengasse 1, 69117 Heidelberg


October 11, 2013

Establishment of a work-group regarding the anthropology of Viktor von Weizsäcker (in cooperation with the Victor von Weizsäcker Society)


July 20, 2013

Workshop on “Philosophical Anthropology” with Professor Dr. Joachim Fischer (Dresden), president of the Helmuth Plessner Society


May 8, 2013

Workshop with Professor Dr. Matthias Jung (Koblenz) on his book “Der bewusste Ausdruck. Anthropologie der Artikulation [Conscious expression. Anthropology of articulation]”


January 18, 2013

Constituent meeting of the project group “Embodiment as Paradigm of an Evolutionary Cultural Anthropology” at the research center of International and Interdisciplinary Theology Heidelberg


July 22-29, 2012

Marsilius Summer School 2012: Recent interdisciplinary anthropology: Body – Spirit – Culture Internationales Wissenschaftsforum (IWH) Heidelberg

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