Online application is possible until 5th September 2018 (rolling admission).


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Marsilius-Akademie 2018/2

Global Governance of Human Germline Editing

Background, status quo, and future perspectives of the international regulation of CRISPR/Cas applications in the human germline


Date and Venue

12-17 November 2018,

Marsilius-Kolleg of Heidelberg University, Germany

Scientific Coordinators

Prof. Dr. Michael Boutros (Heidelberg University and German Cancer Research Center, Biology)

Dr. Fruzsina Molnár-Gábor (Heidelberg Academy of Science and Humanities, Law)


The Marsilius Winter School aims to investigate the scientific background of human germline editing and how its applications are regulated at the global level. A discussion on international governance frameworks of germline editing is necessary to address potential use cases, ethical and moral standards of its applications and how to prevent misuse. The Winter School will explore the potential scope of genome editing applications in medicine, the degree of bindingness of any possible international governance, as well as the consideration of different sociocultural insights and their influence on regulations. International experts from the fields of biomedicine, law, and ethics will contribute to a symposium held during the Winter School.

Participants are expected to contribute to the interdisciplinary discussions and give a presentation at the Winter School. The aim of the Winter School is to develop and discuss a review or position paper. Applicants (graduate students and early postdoctoral fellows) should have research interests in areas relevant to the topic of the Marsilius Winter School (law, social sciences, philosophy, ethics, natural sciences and biomedicine).


  • No registration fee
  • Travel support available
  • Free room and board


Online application is possible until 5th September 2018 (rolling admission).



Laura Dietz

Anne Hermle

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