Fellow Class of 2011/12



Following the recommendation of the Marsilius Kolleg Selection Committee, the Rectorate of Heidelberg University appointed the following academics as Marsilius Fellows from March 1st, 2011 to February 29th, 2012:


Prof. Dr. Sven Barnow (Faculty for Behavioural and Cultural Studies)
Prof. Dr. Barbara Beßlich (Faculty of Modern Languages)
Prof. Dr. Monika Bobbert (Medical Faculty, Heidelberg)
Prof. Dr. Andreas Draguhn (Medical Faculty, Heidelberg)
PD Dr. Tom Ganten (Medical Faculty, Heidelberg)
Prof. Dr. Rainer Holm-Hadulla (Medical Faculty, Heidelberg)
Prof. Dr. Thomas Holstein (Faculty for Biosciences)
Prof. Dr. Vera Nünning (Faculty of Modern Languages)
Prof. Dr. Stefan Weinfurter † (Faculty of Philosophy)


Project Fellows for the project "Ethical and Legal Aspects of Total Genome Sequencing":
Prof. Dr. Peter Lichter (German Cancer Research Center, Heidelberg)
Prof. Dr. Klaus Tanner (Faculty of Theology)


Project Fellow for the project "The Global Governance of Climate Engineering":
Prof. Dr. Sebastian Harnisch (Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences)


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