January 2018

"It is extremely exhausting to work with people" Why people nowadays are so stressed and how you can brace yourself for it – Three scientists were discussing at 'Marsilius kontrovers'.

In Rhein Neckar Zeitung on January 27, 2018.

Immune to Stress? 'Marsilius kontrovers' on individual resilience and communal responsibility.

In Rhein Neckar Zeitung on January 25, 2018

Who is immune to Stress? Marsilius-Fellows were discussing resilience as a private matter or communal task.

In Rhein Neckar Zeitung on January 19, 2018.


May 2017

Gen-Scissors: God's tool oder devil's work? At "Marsilius kontrovers" scientists discussed genome editing  – "It's crucial, in which spirit is acted."

In Rhein Neckar Zeitung on May 6, 2017.


April 2016

Heidelberg’s Marsilius Kolleg moves to the lavish rooms of the Marsilius Arkaden for Heidelberg’s „Think-Tank“



October 2015

Marsilius Studies: For the last five years, these supplementary interdisciplinary studies have been offered





October 2015

New buildings as big as a clinic




October 2014

The Marsilius Kolleg wants to keep Rupert Carl’s University fit

Article as PDF-FileAdobe

November 2013

Paul Kirchhof: Genetic researchers need new standards of procedure


June 2013

Opinion „Cornerstone for a Heidelberg Practice of Whole Genome Sequencing“



May 2013

Magpies don’t have birdbrains



April 2013

A view past the book border of one’s own field



February 2013

A market without money that saves lives



February 2013

Death and Human Dignity


January 2013

Are we experiencing a „modernization of the Psyche“?



July 2012

What internet social networks could know, even about non-members


October 2011

One year of Marsilius Studies


June 2011

The EURAT Project at the Heidelberg Marsilius Kolleg


March 2011

New Fellows. The call to the Marsilius Kolleg


March 2011

New Marsilius Project. Total sequencing of the human genome


January 2011

New Marsilius Project. Total sequencing of the human genome


July 2010

Communicating interdisziplinary collaboration



July 2010

Minor in lateral thinking



June 2010

Influencing the climate



February 2010

Can the climate be influenced by technological methods?


February 2010

Natural tendencies to grow to the point of catastrophe



December 2009

Bold tricks to cool the climate


October 2009

Building bridges between academic cultures


February 2009

Wolfgang Frühwald on the bluff of research


October 2008

The Marsilius Kolleg – a report


October 2008

Concentrated knowledge against dementia


July 2008

New free rooms at the university

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